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Welcome to Hallman Hyundai

To several generations of Erieites, the name Dave Hallman has been synonomous with shiney new cars and trucks. Since opening their doors thirty six years ago, the Dave Hallman dealership has been a fixture of the Erie car market, matching thousands of brand new cars and trucks with smiling happy customers. In fact, if you bought a new vehicle any time during the last 36 years in Erie, chances are you bought it from Dave or his son Dave, Jr. And why wouldn't you? After all, cars run so deep in the Hallman family that it's a wonder they don't all have oil cruising through their veins. Consider this: when Grandaddy Maynard Hallman started his first Chevrolet dealership in Rochester, NY, FDR was President, the Great Depression was in full swing.

Since that time, Maynard went on to establish a dozen more dealerships as far south as Miami and west to Reno, Nevada. he also found time to raise five boys who worked in the business as well.

Ask Dave Hallman what he is proudest of, though, and he doesn't hesitate to praise his 130 employees. "We have virtually no employee turnover - some people have been with us since the 1950's. That kind of loyalty translates into top-notch service to our customers.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.

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