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Hyundai automakers now have a simple but outstanding machine suitable for any Erie driver. The automakers have a new 2021 Hyundai Tucson model in our new model lineup, offering a smooth ride and an upscale style.

The compact SUV gets competition from the Palisade but differentiates itself in various ways. Its cabin materials and space get a well-laid-up design, and you can go for a 2.4l and a 2.0l engine. The Tucson also gets a generous cargo spacing, with various storage compartments all over the cabin. Notably, the new vehicle also gets numerous standard features for driver assistance as well as safety.

Interior and Tech

There are numerous features to keep you excited anytime you travel in the new Tucson. These range from ample seating spaces, comfy materials, advanced technologies, and an array of convenience features. Tucson also gives you the best tech to keep you connected, especially with the 8-inch touchscreen display. There is also a Qi wireless charging device that brings power to your fingertips.

Second-row passengers get several entertainment technologies, including USB outlets which enable convenient charging. Ideally, everyone who boards the vehicle is treated to premium surroundings with well-crafted specs and controls at the finer palms. In most models, cloth upholstery comes as standard, and you will find leather upholstery in the Ultimate and Limited models.


Power is a basic spec in every Hyundai vehicle. With the new Tucson, every buyer chooses between two engine options, responsive and linked to an auto six-speed transmission. One of them is a 2.0l engine with a horsepower production of 164, and the second option is a 2.4l engine with a horsepower production of 181.

There is so much to talk about how the new Tucson rides, especially with its suspension and impressive handling dynamics. Even with the standard engines, Tucson can get towing figures amounting to 2,000 pounds.

Safety Standards of the New Tucson

The Tucson gets a variety of technologies to keep you protected in any Erie area that you travel into. In its safety and security lineup, every feature is availed and upgraded to ensure there are no regrets. Ideally, safety takes care of you anytime there are collisions, warns you of impending dangers, and compliments every driving skill you have.

One of the new car's safety features is a pedestrian detection sensor with a forward collision avoidance system. Notably, these system uses radar detectors to warn you of possible hazards, and in case no action is initiated, the system can bring the car to a complete stop. The Tucson also gets a smart cruise control feature, which allows selecting a speed you want to maintain. To enable this, the car system incorporates a Stop and Go package, which is also responsible for turning the car on and off automatically.

A third feature is the driver attention warning, which functions to keep the driver awake and attentive. In daily Fairview driving, the system detects inattentive driving or drowsiness, ensuring you are always keen on the roads. Another tech is a lane-keeping assist, which uses visual cues and audios to notify you when you drift out of your lane without issuing a warning.

Lighting up the dark Edinboro roads also requires premium specs provided by the High front beam assists. On detection of oncoming vehicles, the beams switch to low intensities and go high when you are all alone on the roads. Changing lanes without warnings may cost you a car or cause a fatal accident. That's why the Tucson gets a blind-spot car monitor. Through radar detectors, the vehicle gives you alerts when another car is approaching your spots.

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